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Dealing With Complex VAT Processes

The VAT registration and filing will be crucial for your Business require careful focus and precision while entering the data, whether in London, Dubai, or the US. Wetax provides you service for VAT registration, VAT refund, and the filing process.

Our VAT accountant will guide you about the suitable VAT scheme for your Business. They specialize in setting up accounting systems to deal with VAT and Tax Authorities.
Furthermore, our VAT specialist also keeps you updated about VAT returns deadlines, making payments, and upcoming VAT inspections.


What Makes Us Unique?

Understanding the VAT Process

Implementing VAT Embedded System

Overcome the Suspected Loss

Avoid Drawbacks of VAT Process

Maintain the Current Net Profits

Bookkeeping Services in the UK

Whether you are VAT registered or not, Wetax’s VAT team will analyze from the start and determine if you must be VAT registered. If you are not registered, our team will process your registration. If you already have an account, our team will thoroughly analyze your account and ensure your process is fully compliant. As a result of our In-depth analysis, which we have conducted earlier, we will also inform you about any certain circumstances which would get an exemption like (charity) or require a different process such as online selling on a global level. Moreover, Using our Software, we will ensure the correct entry of VAT returns right in time As a plus from our side, we will help you keep a steady cash flow to manage your VAT and negotiate with HMRC if there is any irregularity in VAT payment.

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