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Reduce the Load on your Team Using Payroll Service

Wetax provides a payroll service that can come in handy to save time and your team resources. We will help you calculate and manage your payroll so that you can focus and grow your business.

Outsourcing payroll means allows you to maintain control while delegating administration to a professional to ensure accuracy in the job as your workforce starts to multiply.
We’ll pay your employees on time with our payroll software, and we’ll make sure they get accurate payslips. We’ll also prepare and send your mandatory reports to HMRC, such as the Real-Time Information (RTI) PAYE submission, which is required every time you pay your employees.


Our Services

A Streamline HR Coordination

On-time Salary Processing

Business Incentives calculation

Employees Facilities Management

Wage Protection System Assistance

Our Approach

Our accounting team will calculate and adjust employees’ tax and national insurance contributions based on their leaves.

We’ll send you the final payroll calculations for approval before sending you print payslips to distribute to your employees, or we will email electronic versions straight to them.

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