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Preparing for your success trusted source in Bookkeeping services.

We have been helping businesses and entrepreneurs since 2004 when we started in the suburbs of London. The idea that began in the mind of Daniel B. Stamp transformed into a big company that expands its work to the US, Asia, and Australia with global clients.

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Our Goal is to provide an ultimate experience by organizing your Accounts, Payroll, and taxations.

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Our Approach is: We have a client-centered mechanism that reduces your accounting woes.


Growing in the Emirates

With the growing economic and business opportunities in the Middle East, our company decided to explore the Middle Eastern Market. As our clients have a global outreach, we built up a robust setup in Dubai. We helped out SME businesses in Dubai that were facing high accounting and bookkeeping costs.


Exploring South Asian Markets

Our initial aim in Asia was to target the growing economic market of India. Therefore, we developed an office in Gurgaon, India. Analyzing the potential in the entire South Asian Region, we also established an office in Islamabad, Pakistan.


On Australian Soil

Due to our widespread success in the US, we expanded our company to Australia in Melbourne city. Our services were a great hit as we increased our clients exponentially. Our Bookkeeping and Tax services were in demand due to the most affordable rates we provided.


Reaching the Ports of NewYork

In 2009 Wetax took the next big step by expanding its setup in New York. These were the times of the Great Recession, and we wanted to provide our service to ensure that Businesses survive through these challenging times. We played a vital role in helping the clients get past this phase of uncertainty with our tax and accounts services.


Wetax Era Begins

Back in 2004, the founder of Wetax, Daniel B Stamp, established the company in the suburbs of London. We started with just four accountants in our office. The quadruple of accountants believed in the same goal of reducing accounting burdens on entrepreneurs and maximizing the quality of taxation.


What Makes Us Unique?

These values are the engrained in our team that drives our exceptional service.


Let us display the skill and expertise we possess.


We offer expertise across various industries.


Our Moral Virtue Inspires Smooth Service



Uncompromising Standard in Our Work



We Deliver Results with Consistency and Precision